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Telco Market Challenges is our Opportunity

Dime Global aims to be a Disruptive Digital Enabler for mobile carriers

Dime World Sim is available in two forms - regular Sim and Sticker Sim. Both these will allow you to connect to the internet at competitive rates, in over 70 countries.

With our sticker Sim you no longer need to go through the hustle of switching Sim cards each time you travel, as it can work effectively with your sim

Dime is a collaboration (carrier-grade) tool for a group of members for a more effective and secure communication.

Business solution such as secured virtual meeting chatrooms, global community directory, regional and event based directories with advanced capabilities such as VoIP, PBX, integration to members, and other exciting services for "Real-Time Business" are available with Premium Package.

Asia Telecom was acquired by DigitalMe Group B.S.C. in Jan 2018 to become the strategic element for supporting the Digital Enablement strategy of the Group.

We provide telecom products and value added services designed to meet the needs of consumers and corporations at affordable prices, backed by efficient customer support services in nine regional languages, and cutting-edge technology.

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